Piecing Together & Peacing Together

The Sgt Pepper’s Gypsy Caravan


A Priceless Gift

Hidden from public view for more than 40 years, this delight making treasure was found abandoned at the former Beatles home. It had originally been owned by legendary John Lennon, and later by Ringo Starr. Now donated for benefit of charity, it becomes a beautiful restoration, arts, film and fundraising project which we will be commencing in the next few weeks …

Our Vision

A broken caravan
With stories to tell
Songs to sing
Journeys to take and
Healing to bring

Our vision for this project is to make the restoration itself a platform for building a new legacy through film; a gift that can be shared and enjoyed with people across the world. The next journey of this caravan, we hope, will be one that continues to evolve the 60s revolution of consciousness, with a call to lightness of being and a destination of peace, joy and a world Governed by Love.
one love ii

 Join Us In The Journey

To be part of this journey, by receiving Newsletters & Project updates or, if you are keen to contribute to the project in some way … Please CLICK HERE to REGISTER with us and we will write to you in the next few weeks explaining how you can get involved.

The Beatles - 1967

A Beautiful  Journey for Beautiful Causes

It is going to be a major undertaking to restore to its playful, joyous essence, making it the perfect mirror of many things today, including humanity. And in that sense the restoration of this wonderful caravan represents, and provides a symbol of, much much more.

You can make a simple donation to support this project, or if you are feeling adventurous you might like to support our crowd funding initiative, or buy a lottery ticket. The winners will be invited to add their magic to the legacy by spending a day on location, helping with the restoration and being part of the film!

All funds raised from the caravan and film will go directly to charity.



Peacing Together is a project by The Delight Makers Foundation,  registered UK Charity No. 1146973.

All funds raised from the restoration and film will go to support  charitable causes and projects that are in alignment with the message of Peace & Love. The specific beneficiaries may change from year to year. CLICK HERE to see some of the organisations that funds from this project will go to support.

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 The Drawing Board

Given the amazing number of people who have been touched by The Beatles and their legacy, we feel that this fun loving project offers an incredible opportunity to connect, collaborate, heal and re-inspire the beautiful spirit born of its era, and to celebrate the successes that were born of the time. The children of the age have grown up, as have their children … now it is time for a new legacy.

If you have something that you would like to put on the drawing board for this project: stories, photographs, film footage, songs, poems, project ideas … or … if you would like to volunteer your time and skills please email us at peacingtogether@delightmakers.com .

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