80 Signed Limited Edition Prints

Since the moment Sgt Pepper came to be, the world has never been quite the same. A world of beautiful sound and colour arose like a phoenix from the ashes of the past.

Created and encapsulated within John Lennon’s very own Sgt Pepper Psychedelic Gypsy Caravan. Psychedelia was on a journey to spread peace and love to the whole world’s hearts and minds. The BEATLES blazed a trail with mind expanding music, and artists such as Marijke of The FOOL showed us a world of techni-colour magic and the freedom to swim in our dreams.


It wasn’t long before these two immense forces came together in the seismic event now known as the Summer of Love. And now, for a limited time only they are back! To commemorate the anniversary of what would have been John Lennon’s 80th Birthday, a specially commissioned artwork by Marijke brings us this stunning painting of John’s Sgt Peppers Psychedelic Gypsy caravan, with his young son Julian, immersed in a world of wonder; a testament to the memory of man, 1967, the era and the dream.

Marijke : of The FOOL
John Lennon and Marijke

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no one saw coming to own a piece of he very essence of the original Peace and Love movement, from the original cast; the stuff that stars and legends are made of!

Marijke has signed just 80 prints only, of her specially commissioned Peacing Together artwork, one for each year he was with us in the physical world and one for each year away from us. The painting not only commemorates John’s life and the era, but also the restoration and rebirth of his Sgt Peppers caravan as it comes back to life, to the world, for a new journey celebrating and continuing the spirit and message.


A stunning Giclee full kaleidoscopic colour print, 24 inches by 18 inches (46 cm by 61 cm)

Signed by the artist, Marijke and Numbered.

The painting also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Photograph of the Signing.

A booklet outlining the story of the Sgt Peppers Caravan, Words from Marijke sharing memories of her time with John Lennon and The BEATLES and her inspiration for the painting.

Beautifully packaged in their own Stylish Presentation Box, suitable for legacy preservation, archive or to give as an exquisite and unique gift.

Own A Piece of History …

Or Give As A Gift to Someone You Love ~ Either Way True History Is What It Is ~ A Forever Treasure ~ And What Better Way To Hold A Piece?

To Buy a Piece of John Lennon Sgt Peppers History & Secure Your Limited Edition Print CLICK HERE

More than material value …

By taking ownership of one of these exclusive prints you not only hold capture a piece of BEATLES History, you also help to preserve it. The funds, 100% of the profit, raised from the sale of the prints all go toward the restoration of John Lennon’s Sgt Peppers Gypsy Caravan and its future journey bringing Peace & Love to the world.

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