Bill Heckle

We were absolutely thrilled when Bill agreed to be one of our Peacing Together Ambassadors. The Cavern Club held their arms wide open to this project from the first time that we contacted them. The embodiment of Liverpool’s warmth and openhearted spirit.

Bill is a born and bred Scouser. His earliest memories involve his two Aunties, who as teenagers, used to take time off school and later work, to go to see the lunch time sessions of The Beatles at The Cavern. Both Aunties (from different sides of the family) bought Bill singles and albums when they came out. Bill never admitted this to his Aunties, but he ended up with two of everything. This began in October 1962 and continued until Bill first bought his own copy of Abbey Road when he was 13 in 1969 ! So, he was a fan from the very beginning.

He went to Liverpool University where he got an Economics degree and went into teaching in 1979 where he remained until 1991. Bill used his Economics background to begin a business in 1984 , which initially was a hobby because it was a tour business, taking Beatles fans around the City of Liverpool . The business, Cavern City Tours, went from strength to strength, especially after partner Dave Jones joined the Company in 1986. The Company went to acquire the rights to the Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles Convention and ultimately The Cavern itself in 1991. All three businesses had previously failed, but Bill and Dave joined by George Guinness and Julia Baird went from strength to strength.

Bill had to reluctantly leave teaching to concentrate on the burgeoning business in 1991. The business blossomed and it brought the Mathew Street Festival to the City which ran for twenty years attracting 300 000 visitors over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. The Company have opened restaurants and of course were single-handedly responsible for the Hard Days Night Hotel Project, although sadly today they do not own it.

The Company has had remarkable success and welcome customers and fellow Beatles fans from all over the World. The Company actively promote the City all over the world but notably in USA, Canada, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Spain, Japan, China, France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Norway to mention a few.

Dave and Bill were presented with prestigious awards in the Rio De Janeiro State Parliament for their outstanding work in fostering cultural relations between the UK and Brasil. Recently both Bill and Dave were bestowed with the title of Citizens of Honour for their work in promoting the City world-wide. The Company currently employs over 120 staff and have appointed three other Directors, Jon Keats, Kim Gunn and Paul Jones to help consolidate and extend the success of the Cavern brand in the future.

The Cavern Club