David Warth

We could not believe our luck when we were introduce to David Warth, multi-award winning film maker and cameraman.David was an absolute hero in our hour of need.

We had landed in Australia to begin filming Bedtime Stories when we learned that our cameraman was unable to join us. With some 20 plus storytellers lined up to record over the coming weeks we were suddenly left not knowing where to turn. And as if by magic the perfect messenger arrived. We then found out that right in the heart of Byron Bay, where we were based, a film making angel would come to our rescue.

David has such an incredible sensitivity, attention to detail, eye for lighting. He made every storytelling backdrop an added treasure within each tale. His love of nature seemed to be perfectly aligned with our mission as he made himself invisible and brought the storyteller to life.

If you love this planet as David does you will be enchanted to see the passionate films that he has made to champion the preservation of the natural beauty of our world. These are some of his films and you can find out more by CLICKING HERE

  • Tarkine: The Forgotten Wilderness
  • Rainforest: The Secret of Life
  • The Bay: Life on the Edge

David has a deep love of nature and from an early age has been constantly drawn to being out in the wilds.

David now lives in beautiful Byron Bay on the North Coast of NSW in Australia.

David Warth has worked as a cameraman / director on numerous productions including :

Travel Wild, Roar of the Wild, Reefs Reborn, Endangered Series, The Last Valley, Whale Dreamers, Land of the Giants, Crater of Life, Our Seed of Life, The Economics of Happiness, Coast Australia and much more.

He also produced, directed and filmed “Two Visions – A Future for Tasmania”, a documentary concerning the controversial destruction of Tasmanian forests.

Rainforest: The Secret of Life Trailer from David Warth on Vimeo.