Leon Stuparich

Leon with the 14th Dalai Lama : Tenzin Gyatso

We are delighted to have Leon join the Peacing Together team. He dedicates his life to peace and love; he truly walks the talk.

He is an award winning independent film-maker, who made his debut with the celebrated documentary Road to Peace in 2012, providing a rare insider view into the life of the Dalai Lama and his powerful message of Peace and Universal Responsibility.

With an extensive background in UK and US film and television spanning 20 years, Leon specializes in editing documentaries and factual entertainment programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and various other global TV productions. Like many directors with a background in editing, he brings a unique storytelling style to his films.

Witnessing his Croatian family endure the violent war years of the early 1990s in former Yugoslavia, by his early 20s, Leon had developed a keen interest in conflict resolution and began to seek peace in his inner life, avidly exploring religious and spiritual ideas and pathways for self-transformation which would come to inspire and inform his work.

Today Leon is dedicated to awakening inner peace within other people, in order to participate in creating a more harmonious environment for all.