Malcolm Y

Malcolm X, not quite … Malcolm Y definitely. Why? Because why is the number number on question. Why do it that way? Why use that? Why does it cost so much? Why not try it another way? So, it’s Malcolm Y.

After an earlier career in the RAF Malcolm moved into the business world of image reproduction as a Sales Director for 3M, Bell and Howell and then venturing out to create the Deighton Corporation.

His secret passion and field of expertise is antiques and restoration. Early Worcester Porcelain, 17th Century French Silver and Clocks are his speciality, although his decades of knowledge have extended well beyond into many domains. Having built two collections, sold at Sothebys, he is the perfect man for advising and sourcing our Beautiful Things for Beautiful Causes initiative.

“I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard about the Sgt Peppers Gypsy Showman’s Caravan owned by John Lennon. To think our concept of restoring the over-looked and discarded items of life would ever have led to such an incredible treasure coming into our care … it’s just amazing.”

Now that he is a granddad to two little girls … perhaps we will persuade him to record a story for A Thousand Grandparents and Bedtime Stories … but might it take some persuasion yet 🙂