Peacing Together

Sunflowers : Michael Breitung

We Are Peacing Together

Our goal is to transform the broken Sgt Pepper’s Gypsy Caravan, owned by John Lennon, into a vehicle that will delight Beatles fans and millions of people around the world, whilst at the same time continue the legacy of delivering a message of love and peace to the world.

We will be turning the restoration process into a storytelling project delivered through film. The restored caravan can then be put on a national and global tour which not only delights Beatles fans but also:

  • Raises funds for charities and peace projects
  • Raises awareness for charitable causes and initiatives
  • Educates, inspires and empowers
  • Preserves an iconic piece of cultural heritage
  • Creates and seeds a new legacy for peace that will bring enlightenment in the future.

As the caravan tours we will be inviting people to find ways to create peace together; sharing tools and wisdom to enable peace.

A Totem and Catalyst for Peace

The restoration of this long lost caravan provides us with a metaphor for the healing of every person, relationship, family, community and nation. It is an opportunity to look back into history, uncover untold stories and celebrate the amazing birth of the revolution of consciousness that stood for peace and love. It provides an opportunity to catalyse what still needs to be done to create a world Governed by Love.

As the caravan belonged to John Lennon and his focus was one of peace we will be investing in causes that serve peace in all senses, hence Peacing Together. How can we have world peace if the individuals, each one of us, has no inner peace or ability to achieve it? A world of people suffering from sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, fear will not build a world of peace, love and happiness. Our underlying premise is that world peace and happiness is possible if only we empower people with the knowledge and skills to achieve it; in other words together let’s enable Inner Peace for Outer Peace.

Our intention is to do all that we can to make peace achievable through investment in education, inspiration and awareness projects that can help to both undo and prevent the causes of violence and suffering.

World Peace means including the whole world, beginning by creating peace within and then radiating out our peace to others. Our aim is to seed and support projects in the areas of: inner peace/mental health, non-violent communication, peace between people, care for the environment, animals and the natural world.

And of course, as we are Delight Makers, and this project is born from the inspiration of John Lennon, we will be making Words, Music and Laughter a huge element in every project.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance”

John Lennon