June 25th 1967 was a pretty amazing day. It was the first ever live, international, satellite television production. It was called OUR WORLD and was watched by a global audience of approximately 400 – 700 million people – the largest audience ever, up to that point in history.

Artists representing 19 nations were invited to perform and represent their nation, and of course that meant the Beatles for the UK. The event was broadcast over a two and half hour period and Beatles closed the event with their first ever performance of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, a song written specifically for the event.

John Lennon at his lyrical genius best, crafted the simplest song to cater for the international listeners, as he would do again with IMAGINE and many masterpieces beyond. John had that magic that could condense every spiritual text and teaching from across the globe into a few words that touched and connected the hearts of the planet. Oh to have him here now!

All You Need Is Love reached millions that day, and has now reached and touched billions of souls; the way only stories and songs can. The message was perfect, as we know in our hearts it is the truth.

The question is … Are We Ready To Choose Love? All of the arguments, about the lyrics being naive sentiment, idealistic and unrealistic are the narrative of fear. And, fear of course is frightened of everything, especially love, for in the Light of Love it dies.

Can any human being, any soul, any heart, serve two masters … without one day having to choose? In the Light of Love there is no separation, only delight in the endless play of manifestation. In the darkness of Fear there is separation, smallness, impotence and then the endless, near eternal nightmare of seeking empty power, empty status and the worship of false idols that will never match the love forsaken.

We can of course continue to struggle, caught between two masters, tearing us apart, never able to find peace, or we can decide that we are no longer going to let “fear” sit at the head of our table.

Peacing Together is about breaking the spell and the narrative of fear, hate and separation and bringing the Light of Love in to take up the space fear previously held. We hope you will come and join us, as Peacemakers and help to restore us to our natural loving blueprint.

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