Bill Heckle, The Cavern Club

25 Mar Bill Heckle, The Cavern Club

“As a director and owner of the Cavern Club, for over 24 years, we are asked to be involved in so many projects.

When this came along it was different.

It’s actually a piece of history.”

Bill Heckle, Owner and Director of the Cavern Club, Liverpool

We would like to say the biggest and warmest thank you to Bill and the team at the Cavern Club. They are without doubt the absolute embodiment of the very best of Liverpool’s spirit. Wonderful people, beautiful souls, hearts of gold and generous to a fault.


If you have not been to the Cavern Club we urge you to visit the magical place where the music changed forever. The atmosphere is fantastic, the music is amazing. Dive into the early 60s Liverpool Beatles vibe.

Go crazy, treat yourself to BeatleWeek this August, a total immersion in everything Beatles.

The Cavern Club
The CAVERN CLUB, Matthew Street, Liverpool
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