Bringing Peace to Life Tour

The Journey Home

Can you imagine?

… John Lennon’s Sgt Peppers Gypsy Showman’s Caravan brought back to life, returning to the world, having been missing from sight for over 50 years. As it makes its return debut to the world it also begins a new life, a new chapter and a new mission.

It is a mission that we hope will pay testament to the beautiful dream of its creator, John Lennon, a man who distilled, crystalised every spiritual teaching and philosophy into one beautiful song. A song that spoke to every open, or waiting to open, heart in the world. When Imagine is sung, played, performed the best of the world stops to listen. It unites us in its magic and ours.

Delighting Fans

We have been on a very long journey already. The restoration process has been one of extraordinary dedication and care, with every piece possible painstakingly brought back to life, to be as it was when John originally dreamed it into being.

The restorer only stopped working each piece when he felt goosebumps and electricity running through him, when he could feel the caravan singing back to him. This is the experience that we want to share with you, to let you feel the magic of this spectacular psychedelic wonder. Let the good vibrations of 1967 reach out and bring your soul and imagination to life … That is what this world needs and John knew it, so let’s do it, let starting Peacing Together for …

A Better Wold Story

Bring poets, bring singers, dancers, musicians and storytellers all … We feel that the Peacing Together tour should be fun, not a static exhibit, but alive and joyous. Bringing art, music and words to life, bring hearts to life and bringing our understanding of peace to life.

The caravan grew from the seeds planted in the young heart of a boy, who found sanctuary and escape in the delights of children’s books. That heart was broken many times, went on to breaks hearts, but never gave up on the quest to heal. He reached out and touched the hearts of others, even whilst he was yet to be fully healed. He understood the power of imagination, inspiration, the power of words and their ability to cast spells over us or awaken the magic within. In an interview John stated …

I’ve always had this vision of bein’ 60 and writing children’s books. I don’t know why. It’d be a strange thing for a person who doesn’t really have much to do with children. I’ve always had that feeling of giving what Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island gave to me at age seven and eight. The books that really opened my whole being. “

John Lennon, Rolling Stones Magazine, June 1972

So, imagine the music and the storytellers and the poets that will help us to create song-lines, tracks and trails as we travel from place to place to connect with you, hear your stories and share your creations that are bringing peace to life.

Are We Ready For Peace?

Our dream is that John’s caravan will become a totem and a catalyst for peace. Fifty years have passed since the revolution of peace and love tried to break out across the world. It was a success, most nations were touched by the wave of light that spread across the planet in a tsunami of light. As the flower power children grew older they took the seeds of that dream, of a more beautiful world, into their hearts and into their adult lives. Many beautiful things were born from them; beautiful children raised in an awakening consciousness, charities, enlightened businesses, art and music and a greater concern for people outside of close circle of family and friends … a movement of an expanded consciousness grew up and outward and we can see it manifesting in the greatest successes of our world.

Still the job is not quite done. Many are awakening, but still many are trapped in lives that have offer no hope of empowerment, beauty, love and kindness. War and greed still have their dark hooks in the human dream … but we are the dreamers, and we can change that dream.

We only have to decide. It’s time to question the narrative, bright light to the old fears and excuses. So let this tour be a catalyst for the conversation and the questions … Are We Ready For Peace and What’s Stopping Us?

Bringing Peace to Life

As we are Delight Makers, and this project is born from the inspiration of John, we will be making Words, Music and Laughter a huge element in every project. But, in addition to delighting fans, we will of course also be serving the cause of Peace.

We will be promoting real world projects, the projects of Peacemakers, Peacekeepers and Piece Keepers and helping to raise awareness and funds for the causes, your causes, that are making a difference and Bringing Peace to Life.

The profits from the tour will be invested in causes that serve peace in all senses. Our underlying premise is that world peace and happiness is possible only if we empower people with the knowledge and skills to achieve it; in other words … together let’s enable Inner Peace for Outer Peace. World Peace means including the whole world, beginning by creating peace within and then radiating out our peace to others … people and the natural world