Piece Keeper Award Criteria

What are the Piece Keeper Awards About?

We are at the Initiation stage of creating the Piece Keeper Awards, and we are starting by firstly seeking out individuals who walk the talk of peace, people who embody our goal of Bringing Peace to Life.

As this project gains momentum we hope that we will be able to extend this activity to organisations.

What Comes with a Piece Keeper Award?

Piece Keeper Collection Sample : Silver Long Drop Pendant

The Piece Keeper Awards, at this time, will consist of presenting the winner of the award with one of the Piece Keeper Collection along with an Award Winner Certificate.

Additionally we will write and promote an article celebrating the work of the Award Winner, and help to promote their work or cause.

As an Award Winner, they will also be added to a permanent Award Winners Page, on the Peacing Together website.

Other benefits may be granted from time to time throughout the unfolding adventure.

Who Can Be Nominated?

The Piece Keeper Jewels are the touchstones of this story and Peacing Together Dream; a dream to Bring Peace to Life, renew the conversation around peace and start a new and Better World Story where Peace is Possible. They are also little pieces of Beatles and John Lennon history.

Those people who come to carry those touchstones out into the world become custodians of this dream and tellers of the story. So, the awards must go to people who will be beacons for peace and love, and who will cherish this message and dream.

This is about people who, courageously choose peace and who help open the door of that possibility for others. They most likely embody our word, PEACING



choosing peace

being at one with all life, beyond division and conflict

extending self into harmonious unity with all beings

existing in an awakened state of aliveness and flow

recognition of self in others

to love without condition and judgement

responding to life from love

Any ~Age ~ Any ~ Gender ~ Any ~ Nationality ~ Any ~ Race ~ Any ~ Culture ~ Any ~ Faith ~ Any ~ Heart

What are the Criteria for Nomination?

The person can be working for peace in any of the following spheres and for any stage of life from conception to death:

  • Peace with Self ~ Inner Peace ~ Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
  • Peace with Others ~ Human Interaction ~ from One to One Relationships through to Nation to Nation Relationships
  • Peace with Earth ~ Natural World and Animal Kingdom

We Have Three Main Areas of Focus :

  • Prevention of violence and suffering
  • Stopping / Rescue from violence and suffering
  • Healing from violence and suffering