Piece Keeper Awards

All over our planet there are angels walking among us and they come in many guises. They may be famous, but most are not. They may be involved in facilitating great causes, more often they are doing great things that are invisible to the majority of us.

We are creating the Piece Keeper Awards, for those people. People who already carry peace in their hearts and shine it out into the world, as beacons to the rest of us, spreading light and delight, compassion, kindness, inspiration, care and their own brand of magic.

We would love to honour them, and would ourselves be honoured to invite them to be Piece Keepers and carriers of this Dream of Peace and a World Governed By Love.

We will soon invite members and sponsors to nominate people who are out there in the world Bringing Peace to Life.

We are currently developing the vision around which to build a growing legacy through the Piece Keeper Awards. For information on the criteria for the nominations CLICK HERE.

This stage of the project will be for individuals and we later hope to expand the awards to encompass charity and non-profit projects.

Winners of Piece Keeper Awards will be invited to have their story and mission featured and shared thought the Peacing Together project, website, social media and perhaps may extend to inclusion in the tour.

Our longer vision is to be able, for the future, is to be able to make grants, as well as the gift of the Piece Keeper Collection.

For a limited time some of the Piece Keeper Collection is being made available through our Sponsorship Packages and via our Members Only Monthly Prize Draws.