Silver Wheel Hub Cufflinks

Priceless Piece of History Kept Alive by You for Peace

Become the Custodian of the Magic, the Story and the Dream of Peace.

Your Limited Edition Piece Keeper Silver Wheel Hub Cufflinks will hold unique pieces of the psychedelic Sgt Pepper’s Gypsy Showman’s Caravan.

Designed to Dazzle and Set within artisan made Solid 925 Sterling Silver.

The rims of the cufflinks are inscribed with the words …

PEACE” “Sgt PEPPER CARAVAN” and “1967“.

Custom made by artisans; you can choose from a beautiful range of background colours : Dream Cloud White, Cosmos Black, Autumn Leaf Gold, Psychedelic Purple, Glacier Crystals and Caravan Yellow.

They come Beautifully Boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity and Unique Identifying Serial Number.


There are a limited number of Timeheld Treasures available. The Silver Wheel Hub Cufflinks are available through the Sponsorship Package of Emissary of Peace through to the Angel of Peace.

Alternatively, if sponsorship is not for you, you can Join Us as a Peacemaker Member and be part of our Monthly Prize Draws, giving you 36 Chances to Win throughout a one year period.

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Each Piece Keeper Dove Pendant is handmade, therefore … No two Wheel Hub Cufflinks will, or can, be the same.

As each piece is custom made please expect a lead time of up to 8 weeks for delivery of your piece.

The images shown are samples and only an indication of how your individual piece will look when finished.

On the date of issue, along with your Timeheld Treasures, your parcel will contain a Certificate of Authenticity and Unique Serial Number for your item.