September 2020 Lottery

1st PRIZE :  Caravan Debut and Launch Party

2nd PRIZE   :   A Day in the Life

3rd PRIZE  :  Limited Edition Print, by Marijke of THE FOOL


Lottery starts in:

Lottery starts: 1st September 2020 12:00 am

Lottery ends: 30th September 2020 12:00 am

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September 2020


1st PRIZE :  Caravan Debut and Launch Party

Peace, Love and a Reason to Party

The dates and details cannot be set just yet.

Our goal is to debut the caravan in the later part of 2020 ready to begin its Peacing Together, Bring Peace Back to Life Tour.

This is a media grabbing moment. The caravan has been missing from the public eye for 53 years!

Most of the world, most Beatles and John Lennon fans never had to the chance to see it in 1967.

Cameras clicking, glasses chinking, the best music entertainment … and YOU …. All in celebration of the caravan’s return to the world.

*** *** ***

2nd PRIZE   :   A Day in the Life

You will be welcomed as the guests of the Peacing Together and Dove Tale Joint team.

Spending the day on site you will be given a grand behind-the-scenes tour and then invited to take part in the restoration and

stake your claim in actually helping to bring the Sgt Pepper Caravan back to life.

If you so wish, we will include your participation in the “Making of” behind the scenes film footage, and you may even make it to the main production.

Great company, delicious meals and a unique and personal photo album to treasure for life, with accompanying Restorer’s Certificate.

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3rd PRIZE  :  Limited Edition Print, by Marijke of THE FOOL

The Peacing Together Project have commissioned an exclusive custom made painting of the Sgt Pepper Caravan and its Psychedelic Journey of Peace & Love

The FOOL were a group of collective artists known for their psychedelic paintings.  Their famous works include:

  • Clothing for The Beatles
  • Painting the Apple Building
  • Artwork, album design, clothing for many famous artists of the time

The Fool were credited with painting the Rolls Royce and Caravan … This is not the case, but they did have a part in the idea.

This Prize is one of 1967 Limited Edition Prints : 48” x 36”.

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Please Note : Many Prizes are Custom Made and may have up to a 12 Week Delivery Time


Lottery History

Date User
23rd June 2020 8:20 pmleeanne thompson
15th June 2020 2:54 amSam Edwards
14th June 2020 2:45 amSam Edwards
13th June 2020 2:31 amSam Edwards
12th June 2020 2:13 amSam Edwards
11th June 2020 2:08 amSam Edwards
10th June 2020 1:45 amSam Edwards
8th June 2020 12:00 pmRachel Thomas
7th June 2020 3:12 pmSam Edwards
6th June 2020 3:11 pmSam Edwards
5th June 2020 3:07 pmSam Edwards
4th June 2020 3:06 pmSam Edwards
3rd June 2020 3:02 pmSam Edwards
2nd June 2020 4:18 pmPaul Hughes
2nd June 2020 3:00 pmSam Edwards
1st June 2020 2:37 pmSam Edwards
31st May 2020 3:13 pmSarita Kumar
31st May 2020 3:09 pmKathryn Young
31st May 2020 3:05 pmJohn Schillaci
31st May 2020 3:01 pmJason Le Masurier
31st May 2020 2:56 pmJane Pamenter
31st May 2020 2:50 pmE Beebe Frazer
31st May 2020 2:40 pmAnn Phares
31st May 2020 2:35 pmSam Edwards
15th May 2020 2:23 pmdavid914
15th May 2020 10:10 amCynthia Hayes
14th May 2020 6:11 pmBrian Clark
13th May 2020 7:35 pmKirk Petrakis
11th May 2020 2:49 pmEileen Evans
6th May 2020 5:06 pmSimon Greaves
5th May 2020 12:48 pmMichael Thompson
1st May 2020 8:03 amJohan Cuppens
12th April 2020 5:05 pmJohn Carr
29th March 2020 11:33 amMark Edwards
1st September 2020 12:00 amLottery starting


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