Thank Heaven for Bill Zygmant

11 Mar Thank Heaven for Bill Zygmant

We are so lucky to have been able to meet with Bill Zygmant. The only photographer … as far as we know … who was there to capture the debut journey of the Sgt Pepper’s Caravan IN COLOUR.

But we may be wrong though so we invite you to cast your mind back to a Sunday in late July, the 23rd, 1967; Chertsey, England. The crowds coming out into the street, cameras flashing, Pathe News are there to capture another jaw dropping John Lennon moment. People leaning out from first floor windows, trying to catch a glimpse of gypsy showman’s caravan, the likes of which had never been seem before, anywhere in the world. Were you there? Do you have a relative who was? Did you or they take any photographs or cine film? 

Or maybe you, or a friend or relative, were one of those die-hard fans that used to sneak into St George’s Hill, and into the grounds of Kenwood, trying to get a glimpse of John? We know there are a few out there who managed to make it into the gardens … they were much more laid back about security in those days.

Or perhaps, you saw the caravan making its way to Ireland, or on John’s island on the West Coasts of Ireland, Dorinish? Did you see it being floated across the sea or coming back? Maybe you saw it on its way to Tittenhurst or whilst it was there?

We would love to hear from you if you did. It will help us to see more of the journey taken and piece together more of the story. We are interested in all stories and memories, and any images whether black and white or colour. And of course we have a beautiful way to say thank you to those of you who come forward to help us …

Your Chance to Become a Piece Keeper and Custodian of a Little Magic

If you have photographs, or film footage, of the caravan that can we can use to help us with the Peacing Together project, you could become the owner of another little piece of John Lennon and Beatles History, by becoming the owner of a jewellery item from our Piece Keeper Collection.

You can email us at

If you would love to have a signed copy of Bill’s photographs keep reading … you could be lucky.

So, coming back to that debut moment with Bill and that precious photo opportunity …

“I got a phone call at 5 in the morning telling me to head over and capture the caravan as it set off from JP Fallon’s workshop in Chertsey to make its way to the home of John Lennon; Kenwood in St George’s Hill, Weybridge.”

Bill Zygmant

Bill Zymant sharing funny memories and signed photos with Sam

“I was taking the photograph of the front and then rushed to get to my car to follow the caravan for more shots. But somebody had blocked my car in, so I was only able to chase it up the road and catch the one image of the rear.”

Bill Zygmant
The Rear View …funnier than the front

The beautiful photographs are a great aid in the restoration. 

Bill has kindly given us full access to and use of the photographs allowing us to zoom in to the high resolution detail of the caravan’s artwork in its pristine condition.

His generosity didn’t stop there …

Your Chance to Own Bill’s Signed Original Prints

The Two Signed Original Prints of the Sgt Pepper Caravan that you see in the pictures above, plus a signed original print of the matching Psychedelic Rolls-Royce have been donated by Bill as prizes in our forthcoming Peacemakers Members Prize Draw.

It was a wonderful morning spent with Bill. There are more stories to share and we look forward to having Bill come and be a part of the restoration process and film.

Thank You Bill for you generosity and joy!


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