Thank You for the Medicine

16 Jun Thank You for the Medicine

New Album by Jont

A gift of beautiful music, from the heart and soul of a gentle warrior, Jont, is being offered as a healing balm to you. His newest album, Thank You For The Medicine, is a collaboration with friends from around the world, mixing electronic beats with choir and string arrangements. Jont calls this new sound Medicine Pop.

It is the sound of freedom from shame. The sound of pure exhilaration. The sound of joy.”

The clue is in the title, gratitude for all that life brings, including the messy wake-up calls, so very poignant for these alchemical times that we all experiencing individually and collectively.

We hope you will enjoy the album as much as we enjoyed making it and that there are moments on it that help you celebrate the best days and get through the worst.

The album can be downloaded for FREE until June 26th – Jont would love for you to share the gift far and wide, connecting as with many people as possible. A Big Love THANK YOU to Jont!


Thank you for the medicine

The Soulstice Spirit Festival

A natural born poet with a guitar, Jont has spent his life connecting with the hearts of those around him through his songs and the vulnerable troubadourism that has always been his sonic signature.

Jont will be hosting a Gentle Warrior Sacred Song Ceremony online as part of The Soulstice Spirit Festival on June 21st. Gentle Warrior Sacred Song Ceremonies are magical, intimate and uplifting listening experiences that blend Jont’s soul-stirring acoustic songs with stories and reflections.

I’ve been singing songs to people for more than 20 years and recently started singing in a much more powerful way. This way of allowing songs, and their inherent healing energy, to move through me has become known as Gentle Warrior. 

Along with releasing 11 albums, Jont has traveled the globe co-creating vibrant and soulful gatherings of intentional music as UNLIT and Gentle Warrior Song Ceremonies. You can find out more about Jont’s music, performances and ceremonies by clicking on the link below and visiting his website.

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