The Restoration

16 Nov The Restoration

Detective Work

The initial investigative work involved in tracing the story and facts around the provenance of the caravan was a long journey.

Fortunately we have been able to connect with key people from the caravan’s history who have been able to supply us with the dates, stories and photographs of the unfolding years.

The technical elements of the provenance proved, in the end, to be much more straightforward.

The caravan that John had transformed into the psychedelic marvel was already a rare Thomas of Chertsey caravan; only 7 are known to remain in the world.

Added to this, the design and dimensions of the chassis configuration of John’s caravan are unique. There is no other like it in the world.

Forensic Restoration

Using traditional methods, coupled together with modern forensic technology techniques, we can unlock the past and bring this marvel back to the world. More importantly rescue a piece of rock and roll history from a time when peace and love was on the lips of everyone.

The perfect restoration will be to have 1967 soaked into the joints and timbers. The caravan was already approximately 90 years old at the time of its rebirth, and this needs to be evident in the presentation. The exact methods deployed in turning the original Thomas of Chertsey Wagon into the Sgt Peppers marvel, commissioned by John, must be reinstated.

Examining and matching the breaks and wood stresses, Photo : SK Edouardes

Labour of Love

The caravan, originally built in the 1890s, updated in the 60s and 80s has an array of different woods, materials and techniques encapsulated within it.
The rare occurrence of an English hurricane in 1987 tore down a tree, ripping into the caravan, smashing it in half tearing and shattering the structure.

Every piece that can be saved is being saved. Every broken piece of glass re-smelted so that the repaired window panes are still the original glass.

Painstaking care goes into selecting wood for pieces that have to replaced, ensuring that not just the age of the wood matches, but also the grain and energy flow of each piece.

John Lennon had become part of the wagon, with his footsteps on the footboard, the paint chipped door latch and the smell of the Summer of Love oozing from inside. All of these aspects should be shown to their full potential, leaving the feeling that John had just stepped out to grab some wood for the fire.

This approach to the restoration allows every scratch, mark and bruise to bring life to a personal story that can be celebrated to the fullest.

Every Little Piece Makes A Difference

Photo : M Edwards

Inevitably, sadly, there are some pieces that are too fractured to be restored and reinstated into the caravan. To do so would risk the long term structural integrity and strength of the vehicle.

However, all is not lost for those precious pieces. We have found a way to celebrate every one of them. Each unique piece of the Sgt Pepper’s caravan is being given a new creative life of its own.

We are transforming these beautiful individual pieces of magic into Timeheld Treasures through the Piece Keeper Jewellery Collection.

If you would love to keep a little part of this Beatles History close to your heart, whilst supporting the restoration and production of the film, check into our shop or register for our newsletter to keep updated on the release of these limited pieces.

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