Kira Kay

I consciously discovered this question ‘Who Am I?’ at a point in my life where I had successfully completed studies, had several good work opportunities, a large circle of friends, owned my own house – yet ultimately I felt afraid, not happy, and very unsure about what I was supposed to be doing in life. I distinctly remember sitting in nature on a rock and deciding that my first step was to find ‘me’. I was 25 years of age. Little did I know that this question would begin a journey that would lead me around the world – metaphorically and literally! This exploration has led me to work with, and alongside, several respected teachers, to live in different countries and to have many varied experiences. As an outgrowth of my personal self-discovery I realised that I could share my insights and experiences with other people interested in finding ‘who they really are.’

I have come to understand that we all can truly ‘see’ more than we generally believe. To me, this is simple fact. We are naturally born with much more than we are educated to understand, especially from a western educated perspective. We each have within us the spark of unlimited potential. As we embrace and engage this naturally inherent gift our life situations can evolve in ways we never previously imagined.”

In 1995 Kira began sharing her experiences and understandings in residential retreats and classes, as well as in one-on-one counseling sessions.

“I had the incredible good fortune to meet Kira in 2000 at the start of my deepening spiritual journey. Her self trust was inspirational, as was her ability to fearlessly speak truth with complete grace.”

Samantha Koshare Edouardes, Founder

In recent years Kira expanded her own exploration through combining intuition development with social responsibility: what can I/we contribute to my/our world community? This has illuminated a much broader view of the impact that an individual can have on his or her community. If we are to contribute to a more balanced and harmonious society, this will need to include practical aspects of how we can live in economic and social harmony with each other and with our environment.

Kira speaking about Hands with Hands, the social impact project that she created in Nepal. In our view it is truly an example of what Peacing Together in the world looks like when we Bring Peace to Life.

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