The Next Chapter

A Beautiful Thing for a Beautiful Cause

The long journey of over 2 years, taken in recording the caravan’s provenance, revealed many unexpected surprises, with many stories still to be shared. We would never have “imagined” the destination in store for us when we first saw what seemed to be a very challenging restoration project.

The beautiful connections reaching back into the childhood loves of John, the inspiration that he wished to pass on, and a longed for dream of an Irish escape where he could be at peace. We had been cautious of putting our Bedtime Stories project on hold in order take on this project and at the same time felt the magic pulling us to the caravan. We are glad that we allowed ourselves to be pulled, and for the gift of discovering an untold story of an icon; his beautiful heart’s dreams so sadly cut short.

Samantha and Alan receiving the legal Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership

Our goal is to now provide sound investment in the caravan to enable the maximum benefit possible for charity, whereby this unique piece of John Lennon and Beatles history is transformed into a significant charity fundraising vehicle and future legacy.

We hope that you will join us in bringing this iconic vehicle back to life. In piecing together this broken caravan we are invited into a metaphor of healing. Healing our hearts, our lives and our stories.

The caravan, once restored, can venture out into the world as a totem and catalyst for all that John stood for, raising awareness and funds.

A Beautiful Thing for A Beautiful Cause.

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