Fear Busting

By Kevin Billett

Kevin was a reluctant storyteller to begin with, but gave in with a little persuasion from his partner Brandon Bays. Glad we are of that, as Kevin is a natural Delight Maker, bringing a welcome of lightness of spirit and good humour to the world, something he appears to do effortlessly and with grace in all of this healing and leadership work.

This anecdotal story hold a technique that could be used by children and adults alike; a simple way to put space between ourselves and our fears and quickly reduce them in size, so that we have the confidence and power to handle them.

These Bedtime Stories are the seeds of a vision for creating a Better World Story, one of Freedom, Love, Beauty, Imagination, Empowerment and Peace. They are a part of our A Thousand Grandparents & Bedtimes Stories project, which in turn forms part of our developing project Peacing Together. You can support this growing vision by becoming a Peacemaker Member or Sponsor.