Abraxas Hex

By Peter Owen-Jones

Peter is the most amazingly refreshing priest you can imagine; a man of spirit, made for our times. He is a wonderful mix of deep soulfulness and merry, inquisitive scamp ready for adventure. Open minded and openhearted, inviting and welcoming of people from all cultures and walks of life. He is the embodiment of compassion and passionate about the world we live in.

His generosity and kindness is quite something as he brought Abraxus Hex to the project before it was published. For those of you who know him through his other work you will know that his voice is treat. We invite you to enjoy Abraxas Hex, as the author tells it himself.

This story has been recorded in four parts … or if you want to listen to the full story, unbroken then scroll down to the end.

These Bedtime Stories are the seeds of a vision for creating a Better World Story, one of Freedom, Love, Beauty, Imagination, Empowerment and Peace. They are a part of our A Thousand Grandparents & Bedtimes Stories project, which in turn forms part of our developing project Peacing Together. You can support this growing vision by becoming a Peacemaker Member or Sponsor.

ABRAXAS HEX – The Complete Story (Unbroken – 56 Minutes)





MAY 2020