The King and Gopal

By Per Sinclair / Vaiyasaki Das

It was an absolute delight to meet with Per Sinclair / Vaiyasaki Das in the beautiful space of Australia’s New Govardhana, Hare Krishna Temple. From the joyous energy and laughter laced throughout the telling of the story of The King and Gopal you absolutely get the sense that Per is telling it from a place of knowing, and the hard earned wisdom gained by living this life. The laughter and wisdom that life will lead us to when we surrender just a little.

These Bedtime Stories are the seeds of a vision for creating a Better World Story, one of Freedom, Love, Beauty, Imagination, Empowerment and Peace. They are a part of our A Thousand Grandparents & Bedtimes Stories project, which in turn forms part of our developing project Peacing Together. You can support this growing vision by becoming a Peacemaker Member or Sponsor.

Today Vaiyasaki Das is a much sought-after performer, conducting workshops, doing concerts, and leading yoga festivals and retreats worldwide. Sharing his heart through music and chanting is the basis of his life. He has delighted audiences and taught Bhakti-yoga in 64 countries with people from all walks of life and cultures, and performs his music with a mission to uplift the consciousness of the planet.

His considerable knowledge of the vast repertoire of Indian bhajans and kirtans has provided the foundation for a new generation of artists, in the flourishing genre of music for yoga and mantra meditation.