The Velveteen Rabbit

Read By Arlee Bryant

Arlee is an artist, artisan, healer and activist for a world that serves all beings. Forthright, fierce and absolute Delight Maker, sprinkling faery like dust wherever she travels.

Arlee has chosen The Velveteen Rabbit, to share with you. It is the tale of a toy rabbit’s quest to become real, and it has enchanted adults and children alike for almost a century.

It is a timeless children’s classic, written by Margery Williams and first published in 1922 , and as wonderful and priceless in its wisdom now as it was the day it was written; perhaps even more poignant in a modern world that so easily abandons what is truly precious, in favour of the latest shiny thing.

Beautifully read by Arlee, you can feel both her delight and love of the precious journey the story takes us on.