Arlee Bryant

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Arlee is an artist, a healer and an activist for a better world.

Not one for life on the electronic web, Arlee spins webs of beauty in the world around her, which she fills with wonderful people and amazing creations ranging from stunning stained glass to the most exquisite felt-work that you want to wear forever.

Sadly there is no website for her treasures … she trusts in the universe and says that “Folk just find me.” We were some of those lucky folk that the universe favoured.

Passionate about nature, animals and the world beyond just human need, Arlee lives with her husband Ned, on land that has not been sprayed with chemicals for 40 years.

“I feel as though I’ve lived my whole life to arrive exactly where I am!! I envision a food forest with a small number of homes for like minded humans. An Aussie Findhorn, with cooperation with the Devic kingdom.”