The Kingdom that Forgot

By Brandon Bays

The first stories that we recorded were with Brandon and her partner Kevin Billett. We were on the Gold Coast of Australia, just before Christmas, one of the most hot and humid Decembers that I can recall. Brandon, remained beautifully cool and before we began the recordings she first offered up a prayer, a mantra, for the sacred success of this project.

For those of you who have not had the honour of meeting Brandon, among her many talents, she has an amazingly powerful and clear singing voice. I am pretty certain the birds and animals in the bush went silent for those moments as her voice rang out across the forest and over to the ocean. We all had goosebumps. It felt as though all the kingdoms stopped to listen, from the heavens to the Earth.

Our question, that we had asked our storytellers, had been …

“If you could tell one story to transform a child’s life, wake them up to the light inside, inspire them or help them through a struggle … what would it be?”

Brandon told two stories. I am in no doubt about just how much care she must have put in to selecting them, and I can not think of two more appropriate stories for our world at this time, for children and for ourselves. This is the first one …

These Bedtime Stories are the seeds of a vision for creating a Better World Story, one of Freedom, Love, Beauty, Imagination, Empowerment and Peace. They are a part of our A Thousand Grandparents & Bedtimes Stories project, which in turn forms part of our developing project Peacing Together. You can support this growing vision by becoming a Peacemaker Member or Sponsor.


Brandon is a world renowned author, teacher and leading authority on emotional healing and life transformation. She is the pioneer of The Journey Method, a practical and liberating tool for healing and awakening, and is dedicated to bringing healing and freedom to people around the globe.

Brandon is an international bestselling author of several books, including The Journey, Freedom Is, The Journey for Kids, Consciousness: The New Currency and Living The Journey. She is dedicated to sharing her message and self-healing techniques with the world.

The Journey book is translated into 23 languages, and has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

She has appeared on numerous television programs and is the subject of countless newspaper and magazine articles.