The Enchanted Wood & Magic Faraway Tree

By Kath Burlinson

Authentic Artist is the name of Kath’s organisation, and if you ever have the good fortune of meeting her you would be in no doubt as to why. You might just as easily think the same thing if it was called …Twinkling Artist or Joyful Playful Artist, or any other sparkling, expressive and delight making concoction.

Her theatre productions are wonderful as are her coaching workshops … and if you ever have a chance to experience either I urge you to take it. She is multi-talented, and has a special gift to bring out the creative power in others. You will see this in her story, as encourages the listener to engage their imagination and be inspired to seek out more storytelling adventures.

And then there is Nonny. Nonny is a fantastic companion, fierce friend, grand performer and world traveler. He has even had adventures on his own … it caused a little concern at one point and Kath had to call on the public to find him and bring him home … social media put to good purpose … he found his way safely home.

These Bedtime Stories are the seeds of a vision for creating a Better World Story, one of Freedom, Love, Beauty, Imagination, Empowerment and Peace. They are a part of our A Thousand Grandparents & Bedtimes Stories project, which in turn forms part of our developing project Peacing Together. You can support this growing vision by becoming a Peacemaker Member or Sponsor.


Prior to her work with the Authentic Artist Collective, Kath co-founded The Weird Sisters theatre company with Alison Goldie, winning 5 international Fringe Festival awards. Kath spent 8 years lecturing in English & Drama at the University of Southampton and has a PhD in Victorian poetry. She is a published writer and poet, has stage, TV, film and radio credits and won a Manchester Evening News Award for her solo show, ‘The Mother’s Bones.’