Samantha Koshare Edouardes

“I, like so many of us, had fallen for the “live to work” system and had come to believe the story that I was a success; a success as the mainstream narrative defined it. I wasn’t happy though and finally the penny began to drop, that I was letting an outside “author-ity” define my values and life purpose.

My passion was the power of human consciousness, our potential and ability, as creators, to make a better world. I believe in human magic. In 2000 I chose to make my soul the boss and I began a journey that allowed me to explore that magic.

“Now, I aim to have one question decide my thoughts, speech, actions and direction, and that is …. Will/Does this Increase the Light … or Will this Increase De-light?

A decade later, having met and studied with some of the most amazing spiritual, human potential teachers, wisdom keepers and generally top end cool and courageous souls I came to the idea of creating the Delight Makers. The picture came together after a vision quest with a Native American Indian Shaman, Chief Sonne Reyna. He named the charity and helped to sets it aims.”

“With one of our stated goals being to increase the level of laughter in the world’s children we needed to start with giving them a better world story. And so it was that a Thousand Grandparents and Bedtime Stories is where the Delight Makers began. 

This project was so close to my heart as it was born from my precious moments with my own grandparents, and added to that I had received the greatest blessing of having so many of most treasured spiritual teachers become contributors to its creation.

Just as the project was getting ready to move on from the pilot stage the Sgt Pepper Caravan came into our lives. When I first saw the broken caravan I felt something both amazing and sad at the same time. There are people in the world that say that they can read an energy, or story, from holding an object, and now I was getting a sense of that. It was heartbreaking to see it so broken and at the same time there was this powerful spirit that wasn’t broken at all. It has a big soul and there was simply no way to walk away from it, and we didn’t.

It was a huge decision, to pause the Bedtime Stories project to take on the caravan and begin the creation of Peacing Together. When we later discovered that the caravan was connected to John’s love of children’s stories it felt like destiny and real magic were at play.

The first time I saw the caravan being placed into the jig, the structure built to hold the pieces in place, it was just mind blowing …. goosebumps and fizzing at a level I have only experienced in the most significant times in my life. The caravan’s presence vibrates, radiating, communicating, like a beacon singing out a special kind of magic, and you can feel it without even touching it.”