Ben Cole


Ben learned his skills from many of the top directors and DoP’s in the 80’s as a movie and TV actor. Always fascinated with how a film was made he would pester the Director of Photography’s about their techniques and problem solving.  Since 1994 he has worked as a ‘DoP’ on feature dramas, music documentaries and commercials for the large or small screen. His talents have now extended to include that of director, making beautiful soul searching films.

His work has contributed to many award winning films … The Grammy’s, Acapulco film festival, the Huston Film festival and London DVD awards, LA’s Scare-fest and British Independent Film Awards International Independent Film Awards in LA in 2017, to name but a few.

Ben Cole Film Maker show reel from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.


Ben shot, directed and edited this 65 min feature documentary for The World Servers Foundation. An award giving charity dedicated to educating executives towards better values and serving others. R-Evolution is a documentary observing the collision of beliefs which is bringing into focus a time of revolution and transformation in many parts of the world. The emerging passion of young people alert to the changes and challenges of the current global conditions is given a voice, as they call on their generation to wake up and take responsibility for steering the world in a more stable direction.


1 Giant Leap    Duncan Bridgeman & Jamie Catto   Palm pictures/19 Entertainment

This double Grammy nominated project spawned a top 10 charts single with Robbie Williams and Braded Hair featuring ‘Speech’ from Arrested Development.

Shot in the late 90’s and early 2000’s was recently broadcast on channel 4 and Oprah’s TV channel in the USA.

Heralded world wide as an innovative way of mixing philosophy with world music.


Spiritual Warrior …

A practicing Buddhist, the beautiful humanitarian soul of Ben shines through his work, ever more so in his film A Band of Brothers, which he shot, edited a directed for this amazing charity of he is a part. The A Band of Brothers charity offers mentoring for young men within the context of a contemporary and intensive rite of passage journey.