Chief Sonne Reyna

The Delight Makers Foundation received its name from Chief Sonne Reyna, from his tradition, where the term for the great creator, universe or God, is the Delight Maker.

“It was during a Vision Quest conducted by Sonne that the concept for the organisation began to crystallise in my mind. I knew that it was time to begin weaving together the beautiful threads of learning and exploration, gathered over the past 30 years.”

Samantha, Founder

Sonne brought more than the name of the Delight Makers, he also brought the values or precepts upon which we are founded:

Described below are the four core precepts that are the basis of the Delight Maker organisation. They build upon one key point – that we, as humanity, are a part of nature and not apart from nature:-

  • The universe is an awesome, magical, mystery of Delight Making of which all beings are participants. On a metaphysical level humans are beings here to dance in a matter, experience the physical, to learn, to perceive, to create, to play, open to the oneness of life and to lighten up.
  • Essentially there are only two states of being human; one is suffering and can be healed. There is the Awakened Enchanted Heart, or the Confused Heart.  All other descriptions are window dressing; labels (race, gender, nationality etc) that only serve to enforce the illusions of separation and difference that satisfy the small sense of a separate self.
  • What we perceive to be the outside world is a reflection of our inner reality. To manifest a world of delight filled living we must change our consciousness, our inner world.
  • Humanity’s real wealth can best be measured and realised by gauging the level of laughter in the world’s children; by seeing them run carefree, joyful, awe filled and at peace with the world.

Sonne lives in California, he travels and teaches and is an Interfaith Minister. He offers wisdom from his culture to people of all cultures, ages and backgrounds, inviting them to participate in Vision Quests and Sacred Ceremonies for healing humanity and the land, including the powerful and ancient ceremony called Healing Ancestral Grief.

He has recorded an album of sacred songs from his ancestral line; Healing Songs of Earth & Sky with Steven Halpern. The introduction to each of the Bedtime Stories comes from this album; Family Song.