Eshua Bolton


Eshua Bolton is a multi platform performer, M.C. Didgeridoo Sound Healer, Cultural Advisor/Liaison, public speaker, dancer, actor and fronts his own Tribal Fusion dance band Future Elders.

He is an Indigenous Australian Murruwarri Man, for the past 25 years has been engaging audiences in raising consciousness towards a healthy planetary future. He is an accomplished facilitator of healing, with a degree in psychology & experience spanning over 20 years in group facilitation.

An Aboriginal Elder and Sacred Fire Keeper, Eshua has led thousands of healing sessions for individuals, small gatherings and groups of up to 300 people across Australia, and internationally in New Zealand, Hawaii and Israel, to name a few.

With guidance from his Ancestors, Eshua knows he is connected to all, it is from this place that he speaks, reminding us of our own connection to source. He works actively for the preservation of his culture and is guided by his ancestors. He believes we are all indigenous to the planet and his mission is to inspire a healthy planetary future.

“We are all indigenous to this planet, and we only have one planet to live on.”

He is a world Bridger with lifelong passion for the arts as a tool for deeply moving audiences and bridging cultures. Born to be on the stage, he’s been acting since age 5 and the breadth of experience since then has spanned across the globe. He is an accomplished Didgeridoo healer and musician, master of ceremonies, wisdom keeper, environmental protector, performance artist, playwright, actor and director.

Eshua was one of the musicians in the film Whaledreamers, by Julian Lennon. The heartfelt story of the return of an aboriginal whale dreaming tribe from the edge of extinction and the equally, long journey of the whales, not only to survive the slaughter by man, but to engage the human race into waking up in time.