Ghata Engels


Since 1992, Ghata has worked globally in teaching and leading personal development training, for men and women. She is the founder and director of SOL Spirit of Light which is the culmination of 25 years of study and personal experience in the field of healing. The different modules of the SOL Spirit of Light Training are designed to help students grow in consciousness and free their own potential for healing and love.

Ghata’s path to being of service began nearly 30 years ago in her homeland, Germany. While completing a law degree, she found something deep inside was leading her towards a more spiritual path. Despite the rigorous demands of her studies, she also began to train in past-life work, Reiki and energy clearing. After successfully completing her law degree and working as a lawyer for a couple of years, Ghata met her husband, quit her job as a lawyer in Germany and moved to Australia.

Just after deciding to move to Australia, a Medical Doctor contacted Ghata desperate for help with one of his patients. The woman could not be treated and had nearly died. Since Ghata was in the process of relocating, she gave the woman a long distance energy healing session. The positive impact of the session was so astounding to the Doctor, the patient, as well as Ghata, that she decided to dedicate her life full time to this work.

Today she is offering long distance energy session all over the world, supporting her clients through their current situation into greater clarity, awareness and healing.

Ghata provides additional healing support through guided meditations available on MP3 and CD covering :

  • Energy Work for Clearing and Protection
  • Meditations for Deep Healing of the Heart
  • Meditations with Golden Light
  • Journey through the 12 Chakras
  • Return to the Heart