Jez Hughes


Jez Hughes’ healing journey began over thirty years ago when at 14 he had a convulsive fit that propelled him into an altered state of consciousness and on a journey that has led him to study with various shamanic teachers and indigenous elders across the world. His long and difficult journey, he now understands as a ‘Shamanic Sickness’, lasted on and off for around 17 years and took him through various healing and spiritual traditions until he finally found shamanism and practical methods to cure himself.

Jez lives in the UK and is a lecturer, author and poet. His organization Second Sight Healing conducts healing and training workshops that connect participants to the wildness of nature, and the mystery and wisdom of their bodies and hearts.

He has studied with various teachers, from both contemporary shamanism and have also traveled widely visiting and learning with indigenous elders across the world. He has worked closely with the Wixarika (Huichol) nation of northern central Mexico, hosting many senior Marakames (shamans) as they have shared their ceremonies, culture and medicine with Europeans for the first time in their history.

I have traveled to the communities and received the enormous privilege of undergoing ceremony at their sacred sites, some that have never hosted westerners before. The friendship and teaching from this alliance has influenced and moved my work forward in many profound ways.

All these teachings have led Jez to understand the importance of listening to and honouring the land as we re-introduce these ancient arts and practices into our modern world. This involves stepping out of the ‘classroom’ or ‘workshop’ room and the security of our minds, and into the wilderness of nature, and the mystery and wisdom of our bodies and hearts. Through listening and connecting to the land we then naturally connect with our ancestors and the spirits, for this is where their presence is strongest. This also helps us to re-balance and connect to the true essence of ourselves, bringing personal and collective healing. 

Outside of shamanism Jez has followed a varied path including working for Friends of the Earth, The Prince’s Trust, as a professional actor and is a published poet.

His work has been documented in the British national press, including magazines: Sacred Hoop, Natural Health, Kindred Spirit, Soul & Spirit and additionally on BBC radio.