Kevin James Carroll


Kevin James is a chant leader from Australia leading ecstatic chant and open heart connection with his voice, mantras and heartsong.

Kevin’s confidence for singing was evident from an early age, though he didn’t discover guitar until the age of 21 when a stranger appeared at his birthday party and offered him a song as a birthday gift. This experience awakened his calling for music and within the space of a year he was performing locally in bands and then formed a duo with that same musician from his party and immediately started writing original songs.

Even though things seemed to be going very well, playing with the idea of becoming a musician, Kevin felt there was something more he was to offer with music so he left his home with his guitar to follow a childhood dream of traveling the world. He first went to Asia where he discovered the teachings of the East, Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen, Hindu chanting and yoga.

With the vision to contribute something harmonious and useful to the world, Kevin decided disconnect from society in the far North Queensland for 10 years, to develop and put into practice what he was learning, reconnect with nature and to discover his true nature. To find and live what he was to offer in service. At that time, he also discovered Rainbow Gatherings and its music which he embraced the universal sacred chanting.

I managed to pave a way of sharing music that is unique and meaningful to me, that allows me to be completely myself, independent and in charge of my own destiny. That empowers and involves others on a journey of reconnection and harmony, because I feel thats exactly what the world needs the most, so it became my greatest service.”

Join him and his wife Susana (playing Harmonium), as they travel the globe constantly with the clear intention of co~creating and supporting the movement of people who hear the call to re-connect to the heart as a way to be happy and harmonious in this world.