Kisha Burlinson


Kisha is one the founders of Shematirx, which began in 1996, a scared space of self discovery for hundreds of women and men worldwide. Shematrix is a collective of women and men based in Australia, NZ and the USA who come together through their love and devotion to a body of work, that is based on rites of initiation, known as The Gift – A Woman’s Rite to Herself and The Grail – A Hero’s Quest to the Self.

The intent of The Gift and The Grail and is to ignite global awareness of the mysterious interconnectedness of all life, and to cherish each individual as a gateway to infinite possibility.

Kisha is a Guide taking initiates through the process of the rites.

“It seems to me that it is possible to clear back to the core soul energy in a way that is rare and extremely valuable. A magically, altered space is created in our weekends which cracks through to the love and connection that is possible between us in a very intimate but safe way. I so enjoy seeing people lighten, brighten and leave full of new possibilities and a new vision for themselves.”

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