Leo Rutherford


Leo has been a psychologist, healer and shamanic practitioner for over 40 years. A founder of Eagle’s Wing College which was created to help people connect their inner and outer worlds. Their teachings and tailored personal transformation work enable people to heal old wounds within, to become able to bring dreams from the world of spirit into matter and thus enjoy a creative and fruitful life and dance their dreams awake.

“I feel like I have lived two lives! The first included ten years of life for me included rigid boarding school, national service and engineering training followed by various awful jobs leading up to the opportunity to run a small manufacturing company, which I did for twelve years. While the first ten years of this were a great experience, even though very challenging, accumulated stress led me to a mid-life crisis of depression and a dire gut wrenching need to a make much greater sense of life.”

He was able to take his life apart and start over a second time by getting involved in the burgeoning Alternative Movement of the 1970’s and after a while found his way to San Francisco, that great melting pot of new ideas, new thinking and experiments in human evolution. There he enrolled in the Fischer-Hoffman Process (now Hoffman Process) which helped him with left over childhood issues. He re-learned to dance his body with Gabrielle Roth and took part in her first ever training in 1982. He then joined the unique Holistic Psychology MA programme at Antioch University where he learned loads and also came across the ancient wisdom of the Native American people.

“I gradually came to realise that their psychology, ecology and spiritual understanding is far superior to anything in our world and I have followed this ancient wisdom ever since. “As I have got older, so I have become younger! It is my great joy to pass on to others, through these workshops, some of the experience and knowledge that has helped me to transform my life. A process that goes on and on.”