Samira Harris


Samira Harris is an author, illustrator, therapist, teacher and community business owner. Samira trained in fine art, achieving a BA Honours in drawing from The College of Arts, London. Her career in illustration developed after working with the Harry Potter cover illustrator Cliff Wright on his book ‘The Magic of Drawing’.

Having spent thirty years studying various philosophical paths Samira sees the core of all religion as the same: Honouring the divinity within us all and learning to express from this core inner place to inspire others to become more of who we truly are. Everything she does is done in this loving way, from writing books, to working with people one to one, to being a teacher at a secondary school, to running a community space.

Samira’s latest project is a story about a fox who is chased in a hunt, escapes through underground tunnels and surfaces in London. The story has been made into a book and a narrated film. It has been performed at festivals and schools and on ITV. The deeper messages of the story are about having courage and faith when faced with severe life experiences.

As a secondary school teacher, who has taught art to children for 20 years, she has been very touched by the huge number of children that face extreme life challenges from refugees to those living in abusive situations. This is why Freddie Fox is a hero’s tale which deals with serious issues such as persecution, disfiguration, bullying, depression, forced displacement and loneliness.

Samira chose to make the book like a cartoon book, with bright colourful illustrations, that carry lots of details so children can enjoy it again and again. The style of the illustrations reflects the mental experience of the lead character Freddie. So when everything is harmonious the pictures feel balanced and harmonious, when things are overwhelming or chaotic the illustrations become fragmented and deconstructed.

Freddie Fox story overall is uplifting and playful and enjoyed by children from the age of 3 upwards. Samira wrote Freddie Fox to inspire the courage in everyone to keep going when times are tough, to have strength to just take one step at a time, to believe in yourselves and maybe even have hope in the bigger hand of fate being there to support us when most needed.