28 Mar Peacing

We Hope One Day You Will Choose It

As you will know by now the task of piecing together the story of the missing caravan, along with the challenge of piecing together and restoring the physical vehicle is huge.
The journey and process of the task offers a gift in the form of a metaphor, for healing the things that are broken in this world, and in us as individuals.

John Lennon was an amazing musician, comic, artist, activist and poet. We want to bring those qualities and values into the project wherever we can.
We named this project Peacing Together as a tribute to John’s message of peace and to his love of word play.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono Honeymoon : the Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam. March 1969

This path of promoting peace also gives us all a moment to check in and ask if we really understand the nature of peace. That is a big conversation and one that we hope to expand upon throughout this journey.
For now let us say that we are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every little piece of the original caravan can be saved and preserved. It’s about authenticity. Being able to bring our authentic selves to the world is one of the key building blocks to peace. Every little piece counts as every little moment and decision towards peace counts.

We hope that P E A C I N G will one make it into the mainstream language and take its place in our dictionaries. For that to happen we need the reality of Peacing to take hold, to become part of our daily conversation.
So, with that in mind, we thought we should give it a definition.



choosing peace

being at one with all life, beyond division and conflict

extending self into harmonious unity with all beings

existing in an awakened state of aliveness and flow

recognition of self in others

to love without condition and judgement

responding from love

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