Piece Keeper Jewellery

The Piece Keeper Jewels are the Touchstones of the Story and the Dream. To take custody of one, you become a Guardian of the Legacy, Vision and a Piece of Beatles History.

If don’t want to leave having one to chance You Can Own One By Becoming A Sponsor at the level of PEACE KEEPER and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE : The Piece Keeper Jewellery is NOT FOR SALE

To find out more about each piece Click on the Images Below

Silver Dove Pendant
Silver Wheel Arc Pendant

Gold Dove Pendant

Gold Droplet Pendant

Gold Hub Cufflinks

Silver Droplet Pendant
Gold Long Drop
Necklace / Bracelet
Gold Wheel Arc Necklace
Silver Long Drop
Necklace / Bracelet
Silver Wheel Hub Cufflinks

Wheel Hub Cufflinks : Custom Made and Available in a Range of Colours