Wheel Arc Pendant in Gold


Piece Keeper Wheel Arc Pendant

Individual Pieces of the psychedelic Sgt Pepper’s Showman’s Caravan, saved and encapsulated in a Timeheld Treasure

Solid 18ct Gold Pendant, with Solid 18ct Gold Chain


Reserve Purchase Your Piece Now for delivery in 2020

Also available in Solid Sterling 925 SILVER.



Very Limited Numbers Available

Join us by becoming a Piece Keeper and Guardian of the Magic, the Story and the Dream

The Dove of Peace and our Dove Tale Joint …sitting upon the Wheel Arc of the Caravan

Your Limited Edition Piece Keeper Wheel Arc Necklace will hold unique pieces of the psychedelic Sgt Pepper’s Gypsy Showman’s Caravan set within two spokes of the caravan wheel.

This design has been created to hold the original nails from the caravan, some will be complete, and some may have a break between the pieces.

Designed to Dazzle and Set within 18ct Solid Gold.

Your artisan handmade piece holds an original nail, or tack, from the caravan.

These pieces will be set within a clear resin, as though looking through glass, to show your piece from all perspectives.

Your Piece Keeper Wheel Arc Necklace will come Beautifully Boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity and Unique Identifying Serial Number.

There are a VERY LIMITED number of this design of Timeheld Treasures available for purchase.

…. a Priceless Piece of History Kept Alive by You for Peace


IMPORTANT : This is an ADVANCE purchase which RESERVES your unique piece for delivery in 2020

All of the Piece Keeper Timeheld Treasures will be issued for delivery, on the same date in 2020, in unison to all Piece Keepers around the world, prior to the debut of the caravan.

Each Piece Keeper Wheel Arc Pendant is handmade, therefore … No two Pendants will be the same.

The images shown are indication of how your individual piece will look when finished.

You will receive a temporary certificate to confirm the reservation of your  Wheel Arc Necklace.

On the date of issue, along with your Timeheld Treasures, your parcel will contain a Certificate of Authenticity and Unique Serial Number for your item.

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18 Carat Gold


18 Carat Gold Belcher Link Chain, 18 Carat Gold Curb Link Chain, 18 Carat Gold Fine Snake Chain

Timeheld Treasure



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