Champion of Peace


CHAMPION of PEACE : We Invite you to Become a PIECE KEEPER and Producer

1 Silver and 1 Gold Beautiful PIECE KEEPER Jewels from any design in the collection

Not only will you and your companion be at the Launch Party for the caravan’s debut back into the world …

You will also see Your Name in Written into Beatles History for all time, with a Film Production Credit

This and many more exclusive treasures will be yours

See Full Details Below in DESCRIPTION



We Invite you to Become a PIECE KEEPER and Producer

This sponsorship package includes:

  • 2 Piece Keeper Collection Jewels: 1 Gold Piece and 1 Silver Piece which will be custom made from any the designs : Droplet, Long Bead, Dove Pendant, Cufflinks  and Wheel Arc
  • Film production Credit
  • Invitation to Launch
  • Signed Copy of the Restoration Book
  • Print of Exclusive Painting : Caravan’s Journey of Love, by Marijke (print no 51-100) with Certificate of Authenticity
  • 2 x Limited Edition T-Shirt ~ Designed around the Sgt Pepper Caravan
  • Certificate of CHAMPION of PEACE Sponsorship
  • Name check and thank you on website (Sponsor’s Page)

Nominate A Piece Keeper

All over our planet there are angels, in many guises, walking among us. They may be famous, but most are not. They may be involved in facilitating great causes, more often they are doing great things that are invisible to the majority.

We are creating the Dove Awards, for those people. People who already carry peace in their hearts and shine it out, as beacons, to the rest of us; spreading light and delight, compassion, kindness, inspiration, care and their own brand of magic into the world.

We want to honour them, and would be honoured to invite them to be Piece Keepers. We are inviting you to bring a special person into our awareness.

We will provide the criteria that we are looking for, and you can nominate a person that you feel is helping to Bring Peace to Life.

If they accept we will write a story about them which will go on to our website and social media.


Your Sponsorship Will Be Supporting:

  • Development of the Global Peacing Together Vision
  • The Restoration of the fabulous psychedelic Sgt Peppers Gypsy Showman’s Caravan created and owned by John Lennon.
  • The Film of the restoration and Peacing Together project
  • Peacing Together Tour
  • Seeding and Development of Peace Projects



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