Champion of Peace


CHAMPION of PEACE : We Invite you to Become a PIECE KEEPER and Producer

1 Silver and 1 Gold Beautiful PIECE KEEPER Jewels from four designs in the collection

Two Tickets for the Launch Party for the caravan’s debut back into the world …

PLUS a SIGNED, Limited Edition Print by Marijke of The FOOL

See Full Details Below in DESCRIPTION



We Invite you to Become a PIECE KEEPER and Producer

This sponsorship package includes:

  • 2 Piece Keeper Collection Jewels: 1 Gold Piece and 1 Silver Piece which will be custom made from any the designs : Droplet, Long Bead, Dove Pendant, Cufflinks
  • Two Tickets to the Caravan Debut
  • SIGNED, Limited Edition Print of Exclusive Painting : BRING PEACE TO LIFE, by Marijke of The FOOL, with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Certificate of CHAMPION of PEACE Sponsorship
  • Name check and thank you on website (unless wishing to remain anonymous )


Your Sponsorship Will Be Supporting:

  • Development of the Global Peacing Together Vision
  • The Restoration of the fabulous psychedelic Sgt Peppers Gypsy Showman’s Caravan created and owned by John Lennon.
  • The Film of the restoration and Peacing Together project
  • Peacing Together Tour
  • Seeding and Development of Peace Projects



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