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20 Apr Terry Doran

We received the sad news today that Terry Doran passed away. He was 83. Famously known as the aide to the Beatles, Terry was one of the few of the band’s friends to show great loyalty, never betraying their confidence by writing and selling out his story to profit from his friendship.

Terry managed Apple Records Grapefruit, the first band to be signed to the Beatles’ Apple Publishing. He also briefly managed Mary Hopkin who remained a fierce and loving friend throughout his life, and to whom we send our greatest sympathies. Eventually Terry headed up the Apple Music publishing department.

Man From the Motor Trade?

It was Brian Epstein who introduced Terry to the Beatles. Brian and Terry partnered in a car company, named Brydor Cars, which was the primary dealer to many of the rich and famous stars in London including, of course, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. There is a long disputed rumour that John was referring to Terry in the lyric the “man from the motor trade”. Paul McCartney denied that Terry Doran was the inspiration.

Terry Doran with John Lennon at Kenwood
Photo credit ~unknown

Terry was particularly close to John Lennon and George Harrison. John Lennon revealed that Terry contributed one word to 1967’s “A Day In The Life” suggesting the verb word “fill” when he and Paul McCartney were seeking a word for the holes in Albert Hall. Apparently he was also quite the man to have around when you were “trying to make a dovetail joint“.

Terry became closer to George Harrison and later worked for George as the estate manager of his Friar Park English estate. He also worked on the promotion for Splinter, the Harrison-produced Dark Horse Records act.

R.I.P. Terry, may your spirit light up the heavens and re-connect with all those with whom you shared great moments.

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