Another Kind of Piece Keeping Altogether

17 Feb Another Kind of Piece Keeping Altogether

The vision of Peacing Together is to transform the spectacular Sgt Pepper Gypsy Showman’s Caravan, created by John Lennon, into a totem for the message of Peace, Love, Imagination and the Power to Dream a new Dream Together, for a more beautiful world; a World Governed by Love.

In bringing the caravan back to life we hope that, not only will we delight Beatles and John Lennon fans the world over but, through the tour, we will also catalyse the much needed message and conversation of peace in our times.

Throughout the tour we will be inviting you, the world, to join us in becoming Peace Makers and to help us lift the idea of “Peace” out of the old concept of “Peace & Quiet” and into one of aliveness and connecting to all beings in love; Peacing.

“We are calling out for Piece Keepers … People who will become Custodians of precious fragments of the Sgt Pepper Caravan, the Story and the Vision of Peace.”

As the restoration enters its final stage we are now able to release the delicate shards of the caravan that were too delicate to restore. These magical fragments are touchstones, holding a part of the magic, a part of Beatles History and a part of the Dream of Peace.

Working with an artisan jeweller we have designed the Piece Keeper Collection. Permanent Timeheld Treasures that encapsulate original, priceless pieces of the caravan set within beautiful silver and gold settings and sparkling resin.

Precious Pieces of Beatles History Kept Alive by You for Peace

Hold a Piece of John Lennon and Beatles History Close to Your Heart

In creating these treasures we are inviting you to become a part of this vision, this dream as both a Peace Keeper and a Piece Keeper. By becoming a Custodian of a Piece of the Caravan you become a Guardian for the Story and the Dream. The funds from the Piece Keeper Collection will help us to get to the finish line for the restoration and the film “Trying to Make A Dove Tale Joint” and reach the starting line for the next phase, The Peacing Together, Bringing Peace to Life Tour.

There is real magic in the thought that people will be carrying these fragments of imagining, and this beautiful story all around the world; transmissions of the Dream across the planet.

Samantha, Founder of the Delight Makers Foundation

The tour will catalyse the conversation around peace, and also raise awareness and funds for peace projects in all aspects of life.

The first editions of the Piece Keeper Collection are based on two elements; the Dove of Peace and the Words we use to build our Shared Dream. For us the Dove is more than just the traditional symbol of peace. The restoration film title is based upon a word play from Glass Onion and the carpentry term dovetail joint … for us it is the Dove of Peace, the Tale of Storytelling and the Joint of things coming together … for a better world story.

For a limited time only we are making it possible for you to become a Piece Keeper through Sponsorship and Member’s Prize Draws. After 2020 they will only be obtainable through Piece Keeper Awards.

There are a range of pendants, necklaces and cufflinks available now either through our Sponsorship Packages, or as PRIZES in out Members Only Monthly Prize Draws.

Every one of the Piece Keeper Collection items is of course an original and different. No two pieces can be the same as each contains unique shards from the caravan.

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